Top 10 UGC Agencies in Latam

Discover the 10 best UGC agencies in Latam and why they stand out.

Top UGC Agencies Latam

Here is the list of the Best UGC Agencies in Latam. If you are in Ecommerce or Marketing and are interested in UGC in Latam, you are indeed in the right place. UGC is key in digital marketing. We will explore the main UGC agencies and platforms in Latam. They can improve their digital strategy with UGC. Seriously, don’t miss it!

Recognizing UGC as a strong, effective content methodology is crucial. Over 60% of marketing experts view UGC as strengthening communication, Hootsuite reports. UGC achieves conversion rates double those of branded content. In fact, up to 2.4 times higher. The effectiveness of UGC is clear. Haven’t used it yet? What are you waiting for?

UGC serves as a modern megaphone in referral marketing. Users become brand ambassadors, promoting your products. Countries like the USA and China already capitalize on UGC. In Latin America, this strategy is emerging. There are few but growing UGC agencies and platforms. We present the top 10 UGC agencies and platforms in the region. They’ll help you shape your UGC strategy and expand your brand with Latin creators.

Remember that UGC is more than a trend. It’s a lasting technique.

A list with surprises among the Top UGC Agencies in Latam.

In Latam, UGC is gaining significant momentum. However, there are still few specialized UGC agencies and platforms. However, this is changing rapidly.

Fortunately, we have prepared a list of the best UGC agencies and platforms in Latin America. This list will allow you to know their credentials and get inspiration. With this information, you can start or improve your UGC strategy. And consequently, enhance your sales. Check it out!

Here is our list of the best UGC platforms and agencies in Latam:

1. AMPLI –

Ampli is the first UGC platform specialized in content creation with Latin creators. It has offices in Mexico, Brazil, Spain and the United States. It will soon open new offices in Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

What differentiates Ampli is its specialization in User Generated Content in Latam. Additionally, what makes Ampli stand out among other agencies and production houses is its thousands of Latin content creators and its ability to produce high-quality content quickly and cost-effectively.


  • Trust and Quality: Ampli takes pride in producing the highest quality UGC content, ensuring each piece is authentic and resonates with the audience.
  • Rapid Production Times: They promise deliveries within just 7 days.
  • Extensive Network of Influencers: With thousands of talented creators under their wing, the content possibilities are nearly limitless.
  • Specialization in UGC: Their exclusive focus on UGC has given them deep insights into what works best in this realm.
  • Customer Service: They stand by the customer at every step, offering 24/7 contact availability.
  • Focus on Data and Conversions: It’s not just about great content; Ampli pays special attention to metrics, ensuring UGC drives conversions.


  • Limited Access: There is no direct access to their influencer discovery platform, which could restrict some collaboration opportunities.
  • Local Presence: While they have offices in strategic locations, their presence isn’t truly global, potentially limiting some international opportunities.


We give AMPLI a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, highlighting their focus on UGC and specialization in the Latam market. This orientation, along with their professionalism and consistent results, justifies our score. Undoubtedly

2. Insense –

A key highlight of Insense is its commitment to influencer marketing education. They offer a variety of free resources, from guides to books, for those looking to delve deeper into this area of ​​marketing. Its influencer market is one of the most advanced and is complemented by high-caliber measurement tools.

Insense is not just another influencer agency; stands out for its advanced technology and global presence. Based primarily in New York, it has built an impressive network of over 20,000 collaborators and creators around the world, working closely with leading brands.


  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Insense boasts advanced tools and solutions that stand out in the influencer marketing world.
  • Global Presence: While their main market is the USA, they have a network of creators and influencers spread across the globe. They have a presence in several countries.
  • Education: They provide free educational resources, helping brands and collaborators better understand the world of influencer marketing. Very useful.
  • Advanced Marketplace: Their influencer discovery platform is robust and efficient, making it easy to connect brands with creators. It’s evident they have invested in technology.
  • Works with Big Brands: Their experience with renowned companies gives them deep insights into best practices in the industry. A very large global influencer agency.


  • Absence in Mexico: While they have a global presence, the lack of a physical office in Mexico could limit local interaction.
  • Challenges with Spanish: Their team, based in NY, might face difficulties in offering support in Spanish and working with companies in Latin America, as they lack local partnerships and operational structure.
  • Limited Number of Latin Creators: For now, they don’t have an extensive network of Latin creators.


We rate Insense with 4.5 out of 5 stars. Their advanced technology and global presence are undeniable. However, the lack of specialized attention for the Mexican and Latin markets slightly lowers their score in this list. Otherwise, it would be an almost optimal UGC (user generated content) platform.


Based in Bogotá, Monomo brands itself as the first “Non-Models Models” platform, allowing brands to connect with real people for their advertisements and campaigns. Despite being a young company, it already has a considerable number of collaborators and has worked with various brands in Colombia. They have technology and potential, however, as of today, they do not have offices or physical presence in countries outside Colombia.


  • Discovery Platform: They have a tool that simplifies searching and connecting with creators and influencers.
  • Project Flexibility: They offer the possibility of both remote projects and in-person sessions, adapting to the needs of brands.
  • Adaptable Pricing: They allow brands to propose a budget, providing cost flexibility.
  • Strong Presence in Colombia: With over 7,000 creators, they have a considerable network in their home country and have collaborated with well-known local brands.


  • Improvable Product: Despite their interesting proposal, the final product could be improved in terms of quality and execution.
  • Limited Team and Experience: As a young company with a small team, they might face challenges in handling large-scale projects.
  • Limited Presence Outside Colombia: While they excel in their home country, they have yet to demonstrate the same effectiveness in other Latin American markets.
  • Shortcomings in Creative Production: They do not specialize in the creative aspect of content, which could be an area for improvement to ensure more impactful campaigns.


Monomo receives a rating of 2.9 out of 5 stars. Their concept is fresh and genuine, but there are significant areas for improvement in terms of quality and international reach. While showing potential, it is crucial for them to expand and strengthen their presence

3. TREND by Soona –

Trend was founded in 2018 as a solution for e-commerce brands looking to generate authentic and genuine content through a UGC (User Generated Content) marketplace. As one of the pioneers in the UGC segment, its recent acquisition by the technology company Soona has strengthened its positioning and resources. Over these five years, Trend has assisted more than 1,500 brands and large enterprises in content production. It is on its way to becoming one of the top three UGC agencies in Mexico and Latin America.


  • Active Creator Network: They boast a verified network of over 3,600 active creators.
  • Alliance with Soona: This recent acquisition expands their capabilities and reach, aligning their focus with Soona’s pro-services marketplace.
  • Incentives and Gamification: Trend’s platform encourages creators to produce quality content through a gamified system.

UGC Focus: Specialized in UGC, with tools and technologies tailored for this purpose.


  • Lack of Search Tool: The platform lacks a discovery or search function for influencers.
  • Limited Presence: Despite their focus on the Latin audience in the USA, they lack presence and partnerships outside this country. This limits their ranking as one of the top two UGC agencies in Mexico.
  • Local Market Knowledge: Without an office in Mexico, they might lack a deep understanding of the local market’s nuances.


Trend by soon demonstrates significant potential and a solid proposition in the UGC space. However, its geographical limitations and the absence of specific tools result in a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. With proper expansion and adaptation to international markets like Mexico, it could further solidify its position in the sector.


Conteller, based in Madrid, was created in 2023 to become a platform where creators can sell photos and videos to various brands around the world. Through its app, this tool allows creators to directly apply to campaigns and upload videos without a human intermediary, and facilitates the payment process directly through the app. They work with recognized brands such as Corona, Topochico, Jumex, Electrolit, Burger King and Rappi, which gives them support in terms of experience with large companies. If it continues down this path it will soon become one of the best UGC agencies in Latam.


  • Creator Autonomy: Conteller’s app provides a platform where creators can apply directly to campaigns and upload content without intermediaries.
  • Integrated Payments: The app is not only for content but also manages payments directly.
  • Renowned Clients: They work with high-profile brands, reinforcing their market positioning.


  • Absence of Discovery Tool: Brands lack access to a creator discovery tool, limiting their options to those who apply to their campaigns.
  • SAS Model: Subscription and payment are required to use their platform.
  • Customer Support: Reviews indicate challenges in contacting and receiving responses from their team.
  • Lack of Focus on Metrics: They do not place a strong emphasis on metrics, conversions, and performance, which could be crucial for some brands.
  • Creator Compensation: There are negative comments from creators about the compensation they receive for their services.
  • Experience: As a newly established platform, the founders have limited experience in influencer marketing and UGC.


We rate Conteller with 3.8 out of 5 stars. While their platform model is innovative and they work with prestigious brands, limitations in customer service and a lack of focus on essential metrics impact their score on this list.

6. TWIRL –

Based in London, Twirl positions itself as a company specialized in UGC, standing out for its commitment to the diversity and quality of its creators. Despite being relatively new to the market, it offers its services remotely all over the world. Its proposal focuses on producing high-quality visual content, with an emphasis on next-generation formats, such as vertical video.


  • UGC Specialization: Their focus is entirely on the production of user-generated content, making them a UGC specialist.
  • Diversity of Creators: They’ve made significant efforts to include diverse and underrepresented demographics in their creator pool. Diversity is always a positive.
  • Expertise in Modern Formats: They specialize in producing content for emerging formats, like vertical videos on IG and TikTok.

Competitive Pricing: Their pricing structure is market-aligned and attractive to brands of various sizes.


  • Limited Presence in Latin America: They lack offices in the region, which could limit their understanding and adaptation to the nuances of the Latin American market. They plan to expand and open offices in the future, which should improve their ranking in the coming years.
  • Lack of Technology: Unlike other companies in the sector, they don’t have technological tools for monitoring or discovering influencers or creators.
  • Limited Capabilities: Being only a year old and small in size could pose a challenge in managing large-scale campaigns.


Twirl receives a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. Their commitment to diversity and quality in UGC is evident, and despite their short history, they present an interesting model. However, certain shortcomings, such as the lack of technological tools and limited presence in Latin America, may pose challenges in some projects.


Located in Quebec, UGC SHOP positions itself as a one-stop shop for all your UGC content needs. They boast of providing authentic and high-quality reviews, images and videos that look like a genuine recommendation from a friend. Their tagline emphasizes the goal of removing the “paid ad” aspect of UGC, delivering real, authentic content from real content creators. They have worked with large clients such as Revolut, N26 and Candy Crush, showing notable specialization in the mobile phone sector. As they expand their offices, they are poised to become one of the best UGC agencies in Latam.


  • Authentic Content: UGC SHOP focuses on producing content that feels like a real recommendation from a friend, adding a more personal and genuine touch.
  • Competitive Pricing: Their rates are attractive to many businesses, making them a viable option for many.
  • Specialty in Mobile Phones: Their expertise in this sector gives them a competitive edge.
  • Influencer Network in Canada: They have a strong group of creators in their local market.


  • Lack of Global Presence: Although they offer their UGC services in Mexico, they are heavily focused on Canada and lack knowledge in markets outside of it.
  • Lack of Advanced Technology: They do not have an influencer discovery platform or metric reporting tools.
  • Billing and Customer Service: They do not have billing capabilities in markets outside of Canada, and customer service for international markets is not optimal.
  • Size: It is a recently established agency with a very small in-house team, which hinders their ability to work with global clients and offer quick turnaround times.
  • Rating:

We rate UGC SHOP with 3.2 out of 5 stars. While they offer authenticity and work with big brands, their geographical limitations and lack of advanced techno


Calibre, a company with roots in Peru and a corporate presence in Los Angeles, is emerging in the digital marketing space with a focus on UGC and collaboration with influencers. Its objective is to strengthen the connection between brands and influencers through creative strategies. However, as a start-up company, they have yet to get any major customers to support their products and services. Calibre is a UGC company to watch in the future, as it has the potential to become one of the leading UGC agencies in Latam.


  • UGC Focus: Calibre specializes solely in UGC content generation in Latam.
  • Design and Creativity: They have a team with innovative ideas and a strong focus on design, which can attract brands looking for fresh and unique content.
  • Operations in Latin America: While they are based in Los Angeles, their operations in Latin America give them knowledge and access to the Spanish-speaking market.


  • Lack of Technology: In a world where technology and digital platforms are essential, the lack of these tools can limit their ability to operate efficiently and compete with larger companies.
  • Size and Experience: Being a newly established company in 2023, they are still in early stages, which may translate to an untested business model.
  • Limited Client Visibility: Not having a robust client portfolio or a portfolio of successful cases or testimonials to back them up raises doubts about their capabilities.


Calibre, while promising in its approach and creativity, still faces the challenges of a young startup. The lack of technology and a proven customer base puts them at a disadvantage in a competitive market. At the moment, they receive a rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars, with potential for growth in the future if they address their areas of improvement. Improvement potential.


Marketplace that connects companies/brands with micro-influencers present on social networks and blogs. It promises influencers the ability to monetize their digital presence and offers brands a direct avenue for authentic promotion. It has a very advanced platform with social listening and monitoring tools. Brands can hire creators for UGC production, but it is not their expertise and they do not delve into the operational aspect.


  • Advanced Technology: They use cutting-edge tools to connect with influencers and manage campaigns.
  • Extensive Influencer Network: They have a wide variety of content creators in their database, ensuring a better selection according to brand needs.
  • Analysis and Metrics: They provide valuable insights into campaign performance.
  • User Interface and User Experience: Their platform is intuitive, making it easy for both brands and influencers to use.


  • High Fees: With a minimum fee of $500 and rates that vary depending on the campaign and influencer, it can be expensive for some companies.
  • Limited Focus on UGC: Despite offering services, they are not entirely specialized in user-generated content. They offer many services.
  • Presence in Latin America: Although they offer services in the region, they lack local offices, which could result in a lesser adaptation to market peculiarities.
  • Limited Network in Certain Areas: Despite their extensive network, they may not have the same reach or diversity of influencers in all regions


SocialPubli receives a rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars. Its strengths lie in technology and its extensive network of influencers.


Finally, the last agency on our list of top UGC agencies in Latam is Fluvip. With more than 10 years of experience, Fluvip (part of The Martech Group) has established itself as an important player in the influencer marketing landscape in Latam. They have a long history and very important global clients, including Subway, Sony and Xiaomi, who guarantee their effectiveness. Among the 10 best UGC agencies in Latam, without a doubt.


  • Advanced technology: They use Machine Learning and Predictive Intelligence for analysis and strategies. Very strong in technology.
  • Global presence: With offices throughout Latin America, they have significant reach and knowledge of the Hispanic market. Expansion plans.
  • Influencer network: They have one of the most robust networks of creators and influencers in all of Latam, especially in Colombia. The best in Colombia, without a doubt.
  • Robust platform: They offer real-time influencer discovery and metrics on their platform.


  • Primary focus on branding: Although they are capable of handling different approaches, they tend to specialize in branding campaigns with influencers.
  • Not specialized in UGC: Despite offering it, it’s not their strong suit.
  • Customer service: There are comments about necessary improvements in this aspect.


Fluvip demonstrates a deep understanding of influencer marketing and has established a technologically advanced platform to support their services. However, their predominantly branding-fo

Best UGC Agencies in Latam

Conclusion: The Evolution and Challenges of UGC in Latam.

As we delved into our study of UGC agencies in Latin America, we observed a wide range of skills and approaches. It is evident that while some agencies are poised to lead the forefront of user-generated content-driven marketing in Latam, others still face significant challenges to measure up.

Our evaluation criteria—mastery of UGC, strong presence in Latin America, proactive technological integration, and excellence in service—are a reflection of what the current Latin American market demands and expectations. These facets are essential for any brand aspiring to stand out in the competitive landscape of UGC in Latam. If you believe we should add other criteria, please leave your comments. We will be happy to consider your input for future listings.

User-Generated Content (UGC) has transcended being a mere trend. It is the modern bridge of communication between brands and the audience. It is based on authenticity, clarity, and creative collaboration. While working alongside influencers and content creators is vital in this context, it is only one piece of the broader puzzle that makes up a strong UGC strategy in Latin America.

The future of UGC in Latin America appears to be full of opportunities and advancements. With a growing appreciation for genuine consumer-centered content, it is essential to choose agencies that not only share this vision but are also capable of executing it. And this is something we have taken into account in our ranking.

Despite the challenges along the way, one certainty stands out: UGC in Latin America has not only arrived to stay but is revolutionizing how brands interact and establish connections with their communities.

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