Top 10 UGC Agencies in Mexico

Here, we tell you which are the 10 best UGC agencies in Mexico and why they are.

Discover which and why the top UGC agencies in Mexico are.

Top UGC agencies in Mexico.
If you are exploring the world of UGC (User Generated Content) in Mexico, you have come to the right place. UGC has become a fundamental tool in digital marketing. In this space, we highlight the leading UGC agencies and platforms in Mexico. These will help you strengthen your presence in digital media. Do not miss it!
It is important to know that UGC goes beyond being a simple trend. It has established itself as a very effective content creation discipline. Hootsuite reports that 6 in 10 marketers value the authenticity of UGC. They highlight their ability to increase communicative effectiveness. Data shows that UGC can raise conversion rates up to 2.4 times more than direct branded content. The impact of UGC on marketing strategies is, without a doubt, significant.

A list with surprises among the best UGC agencies in Mexico

UGC or User Generated Content can be considered the modern version of word-of-mouth marketing. Here, it is the users themselves who promote your products, services and brand. This strategy is already well known and used in countries such as the United States and China. In Mexico, the UGC is beginning to gain strength. There are still few agencies and platforms specialized in UGC. But this is changing rapidly.
Luckily, we have prepared a list with the best UGC agencies and platforms in Mexico. This list will allow you to know their credentials and get inspiration. With this information, you can start or improve your UGC strategy. Thus, you will take advantage of the power of content creators to enhance your brand in Mexico.

Below is our list of the best UGC platforms in Mexico:

1. AMPLI –

Ampli is the first UGC platform specialized in generating content with Latin creators. It has offices in Mexico, Brazil, Spain and the United States. And soon it will open offices in Colombia, Chile and Argentina. Without a doubt, one of the best UGC agencies in Mexico.
What really sets Ampli apart is its specialization in User Generated Content (UGC). Likewise, what makes Ampli shine among other agencies and production houses is its thousands of content creators and its ability to produce authentic, high-quality content. What could improve, the technical capacity of your platform. It is not possible to access their influencer discovery (search) tools directly. However, they are working to enable this option for smaller companies.


  • Quality and Trust: Ampli prides itself on producing the highest quality UGC content, ensuring each piece is authentic and resonates with audiences.
  • Fast production times: They promise deliveries within just 7 days.
  • Vast Influencer Network: With thousands of talented creators under your wing, the content possibilities are nearly endless.
  • Specialty in UGC: Their exclusive focus on UGC has given them a deep understanding of what works best in this space.
  • Focus on data and conversions: It’s not just about good content; Ampli pays close attention to metrics, ensuring that UGC drives conversions.
  • Customer service: They are at the customer’s side at every step and can be contacted 24/7.


  • Limited access: There is no direct access to their influencer discovery platform, which could restrict some collaboration opportunities.
  • Local presence: Although they have offices in strategic locations, their presence is not truly global, which could limit some international opportunities.


We rate AMPLI a 4.5 out of 5 stars for its specific focus on UGC and the Mexican market, which aligns perfectly with the selection criteria for this listing. Their professionalism and consistent positive results reinforce our rating.

2. Insense –

Insense is not just another influencer agency, but it stands out thanks to its advanced technology and global presence. Although primarily based in New York, it has built an impressive network of over 20,000 collaborators and creators around the world, working together with major brands. Global but with offices in several countries.

A highlight of Insense is its commitment to education in the world of influencer marketing. They offer a variety of free resources, from guides to books, for those interested in delving deeper into this area of marketing. Its influencer marketplace is one of the most advanced, complemented by high-caliber measurement tools.


  • Cutting-edge technology: Insense has advanced tools and solutions that stand out in the world of influencer marketing.
  • Global presence: Although their main market is the US, they have a network of creators and influencers spread throughout the world.
  • Education: They provide free educational resources, helping brands and collaborators better understand the world of influencer marketing.
  • Advanced Marketplace: Its influencer discovery platform is robust and effective, facilitating the connection between brands and creators.
  • Works with big brands: Their experience with well-known companies gives them in-depth knowledge of the best practices in the industry.


  • Absence in Mexico: Although they have a global presence, the lack of a physical office in Mexico can limit local interaction.
  • Difficulties with Spanish: Your team, focused in NY, may face challenges when offering support in Spanish and when working with companies in Latin America, because they do not have local partnerships or operational structure.
  • Limited number of Latin creators: For now, they do not have a very extensive network of Latin creators.


We rate Insense 4.5 out of 5 stars. Its advanced technology and global presence are undeniable, but the lack of specialized attention for the Mexican and Latin market slightly reduces its score on this list. Otherwise, it would be an almost optimal UGC (user generated content) platform.


Lexema positions itself as a content marketing agency focused on Mexico. At its core is a team of specialists dedicated to transforming visions and requirements into authentic, quality content. With more than five years of experience in the Mexican market, they have demonstrated their ability to produce content, editorial notes, magazines, and immersive experiences with brands for social networks. They have room for improvement, but they are professionals.


  • Wide range of content: From editorial notes to experiences with brands on social networks,
  • Proven track record: More than 5 years in the market and a client portfolio with recognized names, such as North Face, Honeywell, Kellogs and Cinemex.
  • Creative ability: They are exceptional in the creative component and storytelling, creating captivating narratives.
  • Local presence: Based in Mexico, they perfectly understand the local market and trends.


  • Lack of focus on metrics: They are not inclined towards detailed analysis and use of metrics.
  • Technological lack: They do not have advanced technological tools or an influencer marketplace. They are a traditional marketing and advertising agency.
  • Limited focus: Although they have extensive experience in Mexico, this focuses mainly on the creative aspect and not so much on strategy or analysis.


Lexema receives a rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. Despite its strong creative component and its wide range of content, the lack of an analytical approach and the lack of advanced technology diminish its potential in a digital marketing field that is increasingly dependent on data. It is a traditional agency that is trying to go digital with little success. They are more suitable for advertising in other media.

4. TREND by soona –

Trend nace en el 2018 como una solución para las marcas de comercio electrónico que buscan generar contenido auténtico y genuino mediante un marketplace de UGC. Siendo una de las pioneras en el segmento de UGC (User Generated Content), su reciente adquisición por parte de la empresa de tecnología Soona refuerza su posicionamiento y recursos. A lo largo de estos cinco años, Trend ha ayudado a más de 1500 marcas y grandes empresas a producir contenido. De camino a estar en el top3 de mejores agencias de UGC de Mexico y Latinoamérica.


  • Red de creadores activos: Cuentan con una red verificada de más de 3,600 creadores activos.
  • Alianza con soona: Esta reciente adquisición expande sus capacidades y alcance, alineando su enfoque con el pro-services marketplace de soona.
  • Incentivos y gamificación: La plataforma de Trend incentiva a los creadores a producir contenido de calidad a través de un sistema gamificado.
  • Enfoque en UGC: Especializados en UGC, con herramientas y tecnologías adaptadas a este propósito.


  • Falta de herramienta de búsqueda: La plataforma no ofrece una función de descubrimiento o búsqueda de influencers.
  • Presencia limitada: A pesar de su enfoque en la audiencia latina en EEUU, carecen de presencia y sociedades fuera de este país. Esto hace que no sea una de las dos mejores agencias de UGC en Mexico.
  • Conocimiento del mercado local: Sin una oficina en México, puede carecer de una comprensión profunda de las particularidades del mercado local.


Trend muestra un potencial significativo y una propuesta sólida en el espacio de UGC. Sin embargo, sus limitaciones geográficas y la falta de herramientas específicas le dan una calificación de 4.1 de 5 estrellas. Con la adecuada expansión y adaptación a mercados internacionales como México, podría consolidarse aún más en el sector.


Originally from Spain with its headquarters in Madrid, Conteller was born in 2023 to become a platform where creators can sell photos and videos to different brands around the world. Through its app, this tool allows creators to apply directly to campaigns and upload videos without the need for a human mediator and facilitates the payment process directly through it. They work with recognized brands such as Corona, Topochico, Jumex, Electrolit, Burguer King and Rappi, which gives them support in terms of experience with large companies. If it continues like this, proto will become one of the best UGC agencies in Mexico.


  • Autonomy for creators: The Conteller app provides a platform where creators can apply directly to campaigns and upload content without intermediaries.
  • Integrated payments: The application not only serves the content, but also manages payments directly.
  • Renowned clients: They work with high-profile brands, which reinforces their positioning in the market.


  • Absence of discovery tool: Brands do not have access to a creator discovery tool, limiting the options only to those who apply to their campaigns.
  • SAS Model: It is necessary to subscribe and pay a fee to use its platform.
  • Customer Service: Reviews indicate difficulty contacting and getting responses from their team.
  • Lack of focus on metrics: They don’t put a strong emphasis on metrics, conversions and performance, which could be crucial for some brands.
  • Compensation for creators: There are negative comments from creators regarding the compensation they receive for their services.
  • Experience: It is a recently created platform and the founders do not have as much experience in influencer marketing and UGC.


We rate Conteller 3.8 out of 5 stars. Although their platform model is innovative and they work with prestigious brands, their limitations and lack of customer service and essential metrics affect their score on this list.


Hits Book is presented in the digital landscape as a solution that facilitates the creation and management of UGC campaigns in an agile and effective way. They are specialized in the Mexican market; however, they do not have a network of creators as large as other platforms. They claim to have the ability to amplify purchasing possibilities by transforming the user into a brand promoter. However, despite its modern promises and use of technological terms, many of its procedures turn out to be more traditional than innovative. Would you include it among the best UGC agencies in Mexico?


  • Collaborations with recognized brands: They have worked with large brands such as Universal and Televisa, which could indicate some experience and capacity.
  • Presence in Mexico: they have their origin in Mexico, where their office from which they operate and can invoice be located.
  • Success stories: they have several success stories in marketing campaigns implemented in Mexico.


  • Lack of modern tools: Despite promoting themselves as a technological platform, they lack a true system, marketplace, or results portal for clients.
  • Ambiguity in their method: The way they operate and provide results is not clear, which can generate distrust.
  • Limited network of influencers: They do not have a vast network of collaborators, which can limit the possibilities of large-scale campaigns.
  • Limited focus: They lack attention to important metrics such as performance and conversions.


Hits Book gets a rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars. Their proposal, although attractive on the surface, shows significant shortcomings in key areas for a true UGC-oriented digital marketing agency in the present scenario. They offer different services, but it is not clear how they work and how they generate results.


Located in Quebec, UGC SHOP presents itself as your one-stop shop for all your UGC content needs. They pride themselves on providing high-quality, authentic reviews, images, and videos that feel like a genuine recommendation from a friend. Their tagline highlights the goal of removing the “paid ad” aspect of UGC and providing real, authentic content from real content creators. They have worked with large clients such as Revolut, Candy Crush and N26, and have a notable specialty in the cell phone and mobile sector. One of the best UGC agencies in Mexico.


  • Authentic content: UGC SHOP places emphasis on producing content that feels like a true recommendation from a friend, giving it a more personal and genuine touch.
  • Competitive prices: Their rates are attractive to many companies, making them a viable option for many.
  • Specialty in cell phones and mobile phones: Their expertise in this sector gives them a competitive advantage.
  • Influencer network in Canada: They have a strong group of creators in their local market.


  • Lack of global presence: Although they offer their UGC services in Mexico, they are very focused in Canada and lack knowledge of markets outside of it.
  • Without advanced technology: They do not have an influencer discovery platform or metric reporting tools.
  • Billing and customer service: They do not have billing capabilities in markets outside of Canada and customer service for international markets is not optimal.
  • Dimension: it is a recently created agency and they have a very small internal team, which prevents them from working with global clients and offering deliveries in short periods of time.


We rate UGC SHOP 3.2 out of 5 stars. While they offer authenticity and work with big brands, their geographic limitations and lack of advanced technological tools reduce their score in a globalized market.


Calibre emerges in the digital marketing space as a firm focused on UGC and collaboration with influencers. With roots in Peru and a corporate presence in Los Angeles, its objective is to strengthen the connection between brands and influencers through creative strategies. However, it is a recently created company that does not yet have large clients to endorse its products and services. UGC company to watch in the future because it could become one of the best UGC agencies in Mexico.


  • Focus on UGC: Calibre specializes only in the generation of UGC content in Latam.
  • Design and Creativity: They have a team with innovative ideas and a strong focus on design, which can attract brands looking for fresh and unique content.
  • Operation in Latin America: Although they are based in Los Angeles, their operation in Latin America allows them to have knowledge of and access to the Spanish-speaking market.


  • Lack of technology: In a world where technology and digital platforms are essential, the lack of these tools can limit your ability to operate efficiently and compete with larger companies.
  • Size and experience: Being a newly created company in 2023, they are still in the early stages, and this may translate into a business model that is not fully tested.
  • Little visibility of clients: Not having a robust portfolio of clients or a portfolio of success stories or testimonials that support them raises doubts about their capabilities.


Calibre, although promising in its approach and creativity, still faces the challenges of a young startup. The lack of technology and a proven customer base puts them at a disadvantage in a competitive market. Now, they are given a rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars, with potential for growth in the future if they address their areas of improvement. Potential to improve and become one of the best UGC agencies in Mexico and Latam.


Since its founding in 2016, Impala has presented itself to the digital world as a marketing and creative consulting agency that defines itself as a community of digital natives. Its portfolio covers a wide range of services, divided into tactical marketing, influencer marketing and content marketing. Over the years, they have garnered collaborations with renowned brands such as Unicef, Logitech and Safran. Its strength lies in its creativity and design, especially in the field of influencer marketing and paid media. However, its extensive and traditional approach, which ranges from website construction to audiovisual production, dilutes the specialization that many brands seek today.


  • Notorious creativity: Impala stands out in design and creativity, a hallmark in all its campaigns.
  • Consolidated experience: In the market since 2016, they have a track record that has given them valuable experience.
  • Knowledge of the Mexican market: They are deeply rooted in the local market and understand its dynamics and trends.
  • Variety of services: From influencer marketing to audiovisual production, they offer a wide range.


  • Lack of specialization: By offering such a wide range of services, they lack a specific focus, which can compromise quality in certain areas.
  • Technological lack: They do not have advanced tools, marketplaces or integrated payment systems.
  • Traditional approach: Although seasoned, their methods can be considered somewhat dated in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.


Impala receives a rating of 2.1 out of 5 stars. Although their creativity and experience are commendable, their lack of specialization and the absence of current technological tools makes them lose advantage in an increasingly competitive and specific market. Much to improve.

10. FLUVIP –

The last agency on our list of the best UGC agencies in Mexico is Fluvip. With more than 10 years of experience, Fluvip (part of The Martech Group) has established itself as a leading player in the influencer marketing landscape in Latin America, fusing advanced technology and extensive experience to connect brands and influencers globally. They have a long history and very important global clients such as Subway, Sony, and Xiaomi that support their effectiveness. One of the 10 best UGC agencies in Mexico, without a doubt.


  • Advanced technology: They use Machine Learning and Predictive Intelligence for analysis and strategies.
  • Global presence: With offices throughout Latin America, they have significant reach and knowledge of the Hispanic market.
  • Influencer network: They have one of the most robust networks of creators and influencers in all Latam, especially in Colombia.
  • Robust platform: They offer influencer discovery and real-time metrics on their platform.


  • Main focus on branding: Although they are capable of handling different approaches, they tend to specialize in branding campaigns with influencers.
  • Not specialized in UGC: Despite offering it, it is not their strong point.
  • Customer service: There are comments about necessary improvements in this aspect.


Fluvip demonstrates a deep understanding of influencer marketing and has established a technologically advanced platform to support its services. However, its focus predominantly on branding and some areas of improvement in terms of customer service give it a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars in our list of UGC agencies and platforms in Mexico. It has potential.

Conclusion: The Evolution and Challenges of UGC in Mexico

In our detailed analysis of UGC agencies in Mexico, we have explored a wide range of skills and specializations. It’s clear that some agencies are more prepared than others for the future of UGC marketing. While some excel, others face significant challenges.

To evaluate these agencies, we use specific criteria. These include specialization in UGC and local presence in Mexico. We also consider the adoption and adaptation of technology, as well as the quality of service. These factors are essential in today’s market.

It is important to highlight that the UGC landscape in Mexico is varied and complex. The most successful agencies are those that understand current trends. They adapt quickly to new technologies and methodologies. This adaptability is key to excelling in the UGC space.

On the other hand, agencies facing challenges should focus on improving their UGC specialization. It is crucial to develop a deep understanding of the needs of the local audience. In addition, they must invest in emerging technologies and in the training of their staff. This will allow them to offer high quality services.

Our evaluation has also considered the importance of creativity and innovation in UGC. Agencies that foster a creative environment are more likely to produce unique and engaging content. This is vital to capturing attention in a saturated market.

Finally, transparency and ethics in UGC practices are essential. Agencies must ensure that user-generated content is authentic and respects copyright. Not only is this legally necessary, but it also builds trust with the audience.

UGC present and future of Mexico

Mejores agencias UGC México

User Generated Content (UGC) is more than a fad. It is a novel way of interacting between brands and audiences. It is based on authenticity, transparency and co-creation. Collaboration with influencers and content creators is vital. But it’s just one part of an effective UGC strategy.
The UGC in Mexico is heading towards a promising future. Brands are beginning to value authentic, user-centered content. It is crucial to choose agencies that understand your vision and can implement it.

The path to UGC success in Mexico can have challenges. However, one thing is clear: UGC is here to stay. It promises to revolutionize how brands connect with their audiences.
If you want to know more about UGC, visit our blog. And if you need help with your UGC campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you. The key to success in UGC is AB testing. The faster the better.

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